The BC Peace Agri Weather Network website provides weather information and decision support tools for producers in the Peace region. Watch a series of how-to videos that explain some of the site’s features and functions. The website displays data gathered from 20 stations and provides 48-hour forecasts specific to the location of each weather station.

It also features:

The website was developed based on the findings from the accompanying 2014 report. The report details the results of a project that studied and evaluated options for improving weather data collection and availability in the Peace region. The project identified gaps in monitoring and developed recommendations for increasing the availability of data and decision-support tools for producers in the region.

Ongoing work is being done to improve the availability of weather data and related decision support tools for Peace producers. The first project assessed gaps in weather monitoring in the region and made recommendations for next steps. Through a second project, 16 new weather stations were installed, and the BC Peace Agri Weather Network was launched to share data with producers across the region. Currently, a third project is making improvements to the network’s web platform and online tools.

Video Series:

BC Peace Agri Weather Network Website (2021) – YouTube


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Project Report – BC Peace Agri-Weather Network & Monitoring Enhancement – 2022

Project Report – Increasing Availability of Agriculturally Relevant Weather Data – 2014