These plans identify strategies and actions for adapting to priority climate issues affecting agriculture in the Vancouver Island region. The 2013 Cowichan Adaptation Strategies plan identified 12 strategies and 24 actions for adapting to priority climate issues in the Cowichan Valley. In 2020, the Vancouver Island Adaptation Strategies plan built on and updated the earlier work in the Cowichan. It encompasses the entire agricultural area of Vancouver Island, including the Cowichan Valley, and identifies 11 strategies and 32 actions. The plan provides an overview of agriculture in the region, including geography and production systems as well as the economic and institutional context.

It also includes:

  • Climate projections
  • Details about climate change impacts to agriculture
  • A prioritized list of climate issues
  • Regionally specific strategies and actions
  • Implementation priorities

Resources & Downloads:

Strategic Plan – Vancouver Island Adaptation Strategies – 2020

Strategic Plan – Cowichan Valley Adaptation Strategies – 2013

Executive Summary – Cowichan Valley Adaptation Strategies – 2015