These resources detail the process and findings from an applied research project that studied using vented orchard covers to protect cherries from rain splitting and hail damage. The three-year study looked at:

  • Cost-effectiveness of vented covers
  • Fruit sugars, firmness and size
  • Rain and hail damage between covered versus uncovered fruit

Further research/data is needed before making recommendations to industry, but project findings included:

  • Cracked fruit was reduced when under covers
  • Covers increased humidity by 20-30%, reducing irrigation requirements by 30% compared to fields in close proximity
  • Covers mitigated heat street of trees, under extreme heat situations
  • No instances of powdery mildew under covers
  • Covered crops had similar levels of sugars and firmness to uncovered crops
  • Covers did not guarantee protection from rain and hail but were a significant improvement

Resources & Downloads:

Presentation – Vented Orchard Covers Study: Protection Against Rain and Hail – 2017

Research Summary – Evaluating the Value of Voen Covers in Preventing Rain and Hail Damage – 2017