This report reviews and summarizes current resources, monitoring activities and research related to agriculturally relevant pests, pollinators and beneficial insects in the Vancouver Island region. Gaps, opportunities and priorities are identified, and climate change considerations are included. Information in the report was gathered through desktop research, 33 interviews with key stakeholders, and analyses of the sample history of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Fisheries’ plant health lab for the region. The report was developed to improve understanding of the state of monitoring, management and knowledge regarding pests, pollinators and beneficial insects as well as guide implementation of supports for Vancouver Island producers. The main priorities identified for implementation were:

  • Increasing grower awareness and use of existing resources
  • Increasing grower knowledge of, and support for, implementing climate change resiliency practices, such as new resources to fill gaps, communication networks, extension and financial support
  • Increasing knowledge specific to the Vancouver Island region including baseline monitoring and field research

Resources & Downloads:

Project Report – Pest and Pollinator Gaps and Opportunities Assessment and Implementation Plan – 2021