Specialists Bruce Naka and Andrew Bennett present this 4 part webinar series all about irrigation.

Resources & Downloads:

Irrigation Anatomy | Irrigate Better, Part 1 – YouTube

Part 1 introduces the A to Z of irrigation: from intakes and wells; through components for ideal pressure, flow and water quality; out to headers, laterals and emission systems.

Pipe Design | Irrigate Better, Part 2 – YouTube

Part 2 explains irrigation pipe design. Including how to size lines and lay out laterals to meet the needs of a farm operation, based on principles of hydraulics.

Emission Design | Irrigate Better, Part 3 – YouTube

Part 3 discusses irrigation delivery equipment, from subsurface drips to wheelmoves to pivots and guns. Differences in efficiency, application rates, uniformity, labour, maintenance, & cost are compared

Scheduling & Monitoring | Irrigate Better, Part 4 – YouTube

Part 4 discusses how to save money and optimize irrigation with scheduling and monitoring, including: calculating how much water you need, determining when to apply water, and the basics of automation and soil monitoring.