Farm Water Fix Video Series

This 12-part video series (filmed in 2020 and 2021) follows irrigation designers Andrew Bennett and Bruce Naka around farms in the Kootenay and Boundary regions


Wildfire Preparedness for Producers

This two-part workshop series for farmers and ranchers highlights potential wildfire risks to agricultural operations and the measures producers can take to prepare for and


Provincial Weather Monitoring Network

This report outlines a road map — providing clear, actionable steps — for establishing and maintaining a sustainable agricultural weather monitoring program in BC. The report


Irrigate Better Webinar Series

Specialists Bruce Naka and Andrew Bennett present this 4 part webinar series all about irrigation. Resources & Downloads: Irrigation Anatomy | Irrigate Better, Part 1


IPM Guides: Yellow Rust

Yellow rust is a fungal disease that is a pest in raspberry crops. It can infect any growing part of a raspberry plant, although it


IPM Guides: Tuber Flea Beetle

Tuber flea beetles (TFBs) are small black beetles that feed on Solanaceous plants, including potatoes. The most significant damage is done by the larvae, which