Ideas and actions for restoring floodplain function in the Kootenays & Boundary through government and agriculture landowner collaboration.

Join us on Monday June 27th for a webinar and Q+A session to discuss how local governments and producers can work together to connect farmland to floodplains in an effort to mitigate flood risk.

Discussion topics include:

  • summary of current agricultural approaches to dealing with flooding on farmland
  • barriers to producer-led riparian/floodplain restoration on farmland
  • opportunities for agricultural land owners and local governments to collaborate on initiatives and co-support riparian projects on private and public lands
  • recommendations for near-term action

This webinar is focused on the Kootenays and Boundary regions of BC, but is open to attendees from across the province who want to learn about collaborative approaches to floodplain restoration and linking private land with floodplain restoration initiatives to reduce flood risk.